Louis Rennocks 

I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years now, i started out as a personal trainer and after a few years i created my own fitness studio in London called Myfitclub. I love working with people 1 on 1 but i soon realised i could be reaching out to more people so I started teaching classes at London leading boutique studio.

In the past 5 years I've slowly moved over to online coaching and with the success of the Awesome program, it's finally my full time job.

I'm the co founder of the online boxing workout www.theboxxldn.com If you love working out at home or in a gym but need a good virtual push check it out.

The Awesome program came about when i was training to shoot the cover of Men's fitness. I've studied every diet on this planet. This diet helped me get into the best shape of my life at the age of 30 while feeling amazing doing it.

My work rate, my concentration, and most of all the foods i was able to eat while keeping trim were all fantastic.

I was doing daily rituals combined with a workout program and it changed the game for me . 

This program is 13 years of my experience and my knowledge.

Clients coached to date

500 Clients 

Top tip

'Put eating healthy and training hard high up on your priority list and I promise you the days of feeling sh*t will be long gone."



To get the results you want from your body and life we need to have a strong mind set from the get go. At Awesome Program we don’t believe in ''I can’t'' and we don’t know what an excuse is. The biggest thing holding us back from showing the world who we really are, is excuses. Too often we say ''I’ve had a long day'' or '‘I am tired’'. You are no where near your potential when you keep making up excuses, You were not born to be average, you were born to be f***ing awesome. We will be giving you physical and mental Daily rituals that will keep you motivated, engaged and disciplined.


Your body is your tool! The program includes a 4 week Strength and Conditioning program to help get the most out of your body. We will also be giving you weekly Challenges. They will test your endurance and your stamina but they will also offer you a relief in your training. Sounds exciting right?!  They are! We know, we have tried and tested them for you and they are going to maximise your results.


When you wanted to quit, you didn’t. When you wanted to give up you didn’t. You will have trained your body and mind and in return you are you going to see some Awesome results and guess what, everyone gets them! We will be monitoring your progress with Weekly Check ins to keep you on your toes and all we need is your weight in lbs. This is so we can adjust and adapt your programme if you aren’t seeing results. Everyone is different and  Awesome Program recognises this and we work hard to ensure everyone gets results!


The eating program is completely balanced and suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians & Meat eaters. Clients who have intolerances can inform in their consultation and I can adjust the program.

We work towards eating healthy meals and cutting out the crap, slips up will happen but it's about how we come back from them. No supplements or Vitamins needed unless wanted by the client, just whole foods packed with nutrients.

Everyone will receive the full Awesome Program book, which is packed with information, recipes and easy ways to make eating enjoyable rather than boring.

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